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Wireless Network Solutions

InfiniTech Systems offer various wireless network solutions ranging from small home W-LANs to large Campus and City WIFI hotspots. For the Hotel industry, we have the RUCKUS Wireless network solution which we have deployed in large Hotels. RUCKUS is well customized to serve the Hotel architecture flawlessly. In addition to RUCKUS, we offer other solutions such as, UNIFI, D-Link, ubiquiti, Cisco Clean air & Meraki.

We also offer wireless bridging systems for non line of sight links up to 40 miles where we link ISP’s base stations to clients CPE’s with links capable of speeds up to 150 megabits/second through dense foliage, heavy urban environments or any other line of sight obstructions that cause propagation issues with higher frequency 802.11A/B/G/N systems.

Applications Provided Include:

Guest Access - Provide controlled Internet Access, both wired and wireless, to authorized visitors while keeping the internal network secure.

Wireless VoIP - Seamless wireless voice over IP with industry leading reliability

Internal WLAN Hotspots - Wireless LAN access for employee and visitor convenience in strategic locations such as conference rooms, lobbies, cafeterias, and auditoriums.

Enterprise-wide WLAN - Pervasive, highly-available, high-performance wireless LAN access throughout an entire enterprise building, campus, or extended enterprise.

Remote/Branch Office Access - Secure extensions of the mobile edge to remote and branch offices using the internet or enterprise WAN as transport.

Small Office, Home Office, and Road Warrior Access - Extends the mobile edge anywhere a user travels through portable, personal remote access points.

Location Tracking - Uses an enterprise-wide WLAN deployment to provide precise location tracking of any Wi-Fi device in the facility

RFID - As an add on to your wireless network, RFID provides the ability to add RF tags to machinery, assets, people or anything that you want to know where it is at any given moment. Know your inventory numbers real time without having to conduct expensive manual inventory audits several times a year. In most cases the cost of the product including the wireless LAN to deliver it will pay for itself in what it will save in man hours from the manual audits.

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