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Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.

IniniTech Systems offers comprehensive fire detection and voice evacuation solutions by integrating the addressable fire detection control panel with EVAC system. Our solutions are versatile, easy-to-use, and designed to provide greater control over building safety.

The integrated solution offers a unified, automated emergency alarm and notification system for commercial and residential buildings. Our fire detection and alarm systems provide advanced detection systems that are not only appealing in design but offer functionality within the installation. We integrate our fire detection panels to our voice alarm evacuation system, which then facilitates planned voice evacuation procedures during an emergency.

Our systems provide for sounders with strobe lighting to cater for the hearing-impaired persons in the society, by indicating that there is an emergency using the same sounder that has the strobe light. The systems use a series of sensors and monitoring equipment to detect the occurrence of fire and activate the interconnected alarm system. The system components like the break glasses, beacon sounders and the optical smoke/ heat detectors are addressable/ zoned, thereby giving the security team easy time in monitoring and pinpointing the affected zones. The end result is the first line of protection from any sort of fire hazard.

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